At Agog Park, we have two curriculums designed following the children's ability and potential. 

The transformative learning process at Agog Park is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new and fun educational and social situations to further development. Our teachers create a safe and open setting, where they can guide students in exploring the world around them.

Woman Tutoring Child

National Curriculum

Bahasa Malaysia
Science and Technology
Physical Education
Art & Visual
Al-Fateh Quranic Programme (Muslims)
Moral Education (Non-Muslims)

Playing with Animals

Independent Life Skill Curriculum (ILSC)

Communication & Social skills (Language)
Community access & Safety skills (Values)
Leisure & Recreational skills
(Physical Education, Science, Arts)
Self-care skills
Independent living skills
Time and Money Management (Maths)
Al-Fateh Quranic Programme (Muslims)
Moral Education (Non-Muslims)

*Based on Integrated Therapy approach